THE GOAL OFYOUR PRICEBOOKING is decreasing of the hotels booking costs and daily rental housing costs and increasing the hoteliers income.

Do you want to know how we can do it? For it we make two innovations that the hotel booking market hasn`t known yet.

We have reduced the commission of the booking service for hoteliers by about 3 times

We can do it by automating the booking process and curbing our own greed. We opted out of getting payments for booking to our accounts and then transferring the money to the hotelier, leaving it completely in the hands of the hoteliers. These actions decrease the cost of significantly.

We have abandoned the price parity

In other words, we allow the hotelier to change the booking price of the reservation as much convinient as possible. We do not forbidd to sell services cheaper or more expensive on our own website as well as on the website of other booking aggregators. Estimating the consequences of the actions above, we can see how the long-standing pain of hoteliers around the world who use the services of intermediary sites to sell their bookings is over. They have long been tormented by the price parity rule, which is used by all sites - intermediaries. The pain goes away when a hotelier sells his booking through an aggregator site, then he receives money only after 2-3 and even 4 weeks in some cases. We have seen the capitalization figures of the market leaders in online booking platforms soar over the past 10 years, google it, but if you want a hint, then twitter is cheaper than the market leaders in this area. They really do a good job, many satisfied users, but the hotel infrastructure can get more by cooperating with online booking services. Continuing to talk about the goal of our site, I can confidently state that we are working to cure the long-standing pain of hoteliers. That pain is price parity and delays in getting paid for bookings. Working with us, hoteliers will gain new opportunities.

The hotelier can do more with Your Price Booking

If you manage a hotel or motel or rent an apartment, house or room for rent. Perhaps you run a hostel, guest house or capsule hotel. Surely you are ready to reduce the price of your booking for today. We provide such an opportunity. What's more, on the booking platform Your Price Booking you can do it confidentially - for a limited number of potential guests. Change the price of the reservation in the hotelier's office as much as you like, write directly to people who are looking for a reservation nearby.

Offer to the hoteliers the amount of money you are willing to spend on accommodation

Our booking service provides an opportunity to make an offer for hoteliers. You choose the city or area in which you need to book a hotel, hostel or private accommodation. Specify the booking dates, the number of bedrooms and beds you need. Tell us the amount of money that you are willing to spend on accommodation and press send to hoteliers! Your booking request will be seen by those who rent accommodation and hotel rooms, they will be able to see your booking history and read reviews about you. And catch exclusive offers for your request. Hoteliers will send you offers to stay at their place for the price you specify. Very often, hoteliers want to hold a promotion and sell empty rooms. The service of booking hotels and daily rent of housing Your Price Booking provides such opportunity.