Privacy Policy for Hoteliers

Edition of July 15, 2023

Collection and Use of Information:

At Your Price Booking, we are committed to protecting the privacy and personal information of our users, including hoteliers. This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use, and safeguard the information provided by hoteliers while using our online booking and rental platform.

Collection and Use of Information:

1.1. Information Collected: Email Address: Hoteliers are required to provide their email address, which serves as their login credential for accessing their account. First Name and Last Name: We collect the first and last names of hoteliers for identification purposes. 1.2. Use of Information: Email Address: Hoteliers' email addresses are used as login credentials and to send verification codes for authentication purposes. First Name and Last Name: Hoteliers' first and last names are used for identification within the platform. 1.3. Disclosure of Information: We do not disclose hoteliers' email addresses, first names, or last names to any third parties or partners. 1.4. Security Measures: Access to the hotelier's account is restricted to the account owner only. The server where data is stored is protected with a password.

Usage Policies:

2.1. Rules and Limitations: Hoteliers are required to provide truthful information in their listings and profile. 2.2. Violation of Policies: Failure to comply with the rules and limitations may result in the suspension of the hotelier's account.

Booking and Payment:

3.1. Data Required for Booking and Payment: Hoteliers may require specific information from users for the booking and payment process. 3.2. Cancellation and Refund Policies: Users have the ability to cancel their bookings free of charge as per the specified cancellation policy.

Cookies and Tracking:

4.1. Use of Cookies: Your Price Booking utilizes cookies to enhance the user experience and functionality of the platform. Cookies are used to remember user login information and device preferences. 4.2. Advertising Purposes: We do not use cookies for advertising purposes or to collect personal data about users. 4.3. Removal of Cookies: When users actively log out of their accounts, cookies associated with their accounts are deleted from their devices.

Rights of Hoteliers:

5.1. Access and Correction: Hoteliers have the ability to edit their first name and last name in their profiles. 5.2. Personal Information: Hoteliers have access to their sales history, workspace, and active bookings within the platform.

Support and Contact:

Hoteliers can reach out to our support team for questions or complaints through the support page at