Terms and conditions for users

Edition of July 15, 2023

Registration and Account.

When registering on the platform, the following information must be provided: first name, last name and email address. Users are required to confirm their email address by receiving a verification code. Account restrictions include having only one active booking at a time. Personal information is protected by a verification code when logging into the account.

Reservations and Payment.

Users can cancel reservations free of charge according to the established cancellation terms. Payment for reservations is made directly between the user and the hotelier prior to check-in. Booking and payment requires registration, first name and last name in profile. Issues related to booking or accommodation problems are resolved between the user and the hotelier subject to the terms and conditions of the accommodation.

Use of the platform.

Swearing of any kind is prohibited when using the platform and communicating with hoteliers. The platform provides information and materials about various accommodation facilities, including photos, videos, reviews of facilities and users. Spamming and link posting is prohibited.

Reviews and Ratings.

Users can leave reviews and ratings after their stay. In case of negative reviews, an opportunity for comments and response from the accommodation facility is provided. Moderation of reviews includes removal of links and profanity.

Limitations on Liability.

We guarantee to carry out online checks of hoteliers' documents to confirm their right to dispose of the object. However, we are not responsible for the availability of services in the object, as declared by the hotelier. We are also not responsible for the exact correspondence of the booking at check-in. We provide the opportunity to leave an objective review and rate the property and can take action in case of serious violations by the hotelier.

Privacy and Data Protection.

We collect and store data including email address, first name and last name of users. To protect personal information, access to the account requires the entry of a verification code which is sent to the email address provided. We do not collect users' financial data and are committed to keeping the information even after the account is deleted in a database of deleted accounts.

General Provisions.

Users have the right to view booking offers, register, book accommodation and leave feedback. The company that owns the platform has the right to change the terms and conditions, but the changes will take effect upon acceptance by the user. We undertake to check the sites for legitimate use and store information about them.

Changes to Terms and Conditions.

All changes are effective upon posting on the Terms and Conditions page. We keep a history of changes with the date they were made.